Have you ever been to some “dinner show”? The city of Tokyo is well known for its themed restauran …

Have you ever been to some “dinner show”? The city of Tokyo is well known for its themed restaurants and cafes. There are many such places throughout the city that combine food with some kind of a unique experience. Some examples include a ninja restaurant, cat and owl cafes, quiz themed restaurant, and many more. The “Robot restaurant” is also one of them.


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The restaurant is located in Kabukicho which is just a few minute’s walk from Shinjuku station. Shinjuku is the busiest train station in the world and you can feel the same high energy in all the surrounding Areas. The Robot Restaurant is a place that embodies an image (flashy?) that many foreigners have of Tokyo. You get your first sense of what you’re getting yourself in for as soon as you step into the lobby. Everything is covered in an array of designs, colors, and bluing.


Photo by author

Food and drink are served at the beginning and in between acts, because once the show starts there’s too much going on to allow for walking around (dinner is going to be served as Bento-box). The show consists of a combination of cabaret dancing, high tech electronics with a lot of robots and loud music.


The Robot Restaurant is going to be for your great experience and surely good showcase of the wacky side of Tokyo. The owners of the restaurant have invested over 10 billion yen into developing the restaurant. Do you wanna enjoy the Gorgeous and non-daily part of your sightseeing? Please check it out!





8000yen (not including dinner and drinks)