You are noticed already that Tokyo has many big towns complex and there are a lot of shops and department stor …

You are noticed already that Tokyo has many big towns complex and there are a lot of shops and department stores. Of course, Ikebukuro is one of them. Ikebukuro’s centers of activity are the East and West districts, both of which have distinctly different ambiances. Ikebukuro’s two main department stores are Tobu (West Exit) and Seibu(East Exit). Both department stores have entrances inside Ikebukuro Station, so they’re quite easy and  convenient to get to. Other popular department stores Marui and Lumine are also just a few minutes’ walk from the West Exit. Next to the East Exit is Parco. If these big department stores are too expensive for you, go a head over to the East Exit. Sunshine City and the road leading to it, Sunshine-dori has some cheaper options.


Sunshine City is actually a complex of entertainment buildings located in Ikebukuro on the former site of Sugamo prison. The buildings include the Sunshine City Prince Hotel, two major malls ALTA and Alpa, a theme park Namjatown, the popular World Import Mart and business tower Sunshine 60.


I’m going to recommend “Namjatown”!

Located on the first floor between Sunshine City’s Alpa and Alta malls is a theme park created by the Namco company. You might know them best by the all time classic video game character Pacman, of course if you’re younger you might know them through Mario Kart or Tekken.


Namjatown is a theme park decorated in the theme of “old Edo”. Tokyo was named “Edo” prior to 1868, but any nostalgic era in Tokyo’s history is commonly referred to as “old Edo”.

There is a Gyoza Stadium in this wonderful Namjatown!

Gyoza Stadium is an assembly of the best Gyoza (Chinese dumplings) vendors in Japan. If ever wanted to do a dumpling taste test, than this is the place to do it! You can compare to taste some of Gyoza’s from different shops!


You can also find out “Ice cream museum” and some of sweets shops where you can taste different kinds of sweets. You will never be bored here! Please check it out!