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  Japan is also well-known for its four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. If you are planning t …


Japan is also well-known for its four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

If you are planning to have a trip in Japan, the season is one of the factors you have to consider. There is always something to look forward to anytime of the year. Japan is amazingly beautiful all-year round but if you live in a country which has fewer than four seasons, this is the best country to visit. The gradual change of the weather in Japan has a great impact to the increasing number of tourists every year.


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This is one of the most awaited seasons for everyone who wants to see ‘sakura’. Japan is famous for sakura season because of its wonderful landscape and thousands of sakura trees are planted all over Japan. Both locals and foreigners visit some hanami spots and most of those are parks and gardens with thousands of sakura trees. In this season, everywhere is filled with white and baby pink flowers and that certainly makes the atmosphere more beautiful and magical.


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In summer, the surroundings – streets, parks and gardens turn from baby pink to green. The humidity in this season is very high so you are likely to sweat if you go out even for just a couple of minutes. It doesn’t mean you just stay at home all day long, instead you can enjoy the warm weather outside and you there’s no need for you to wear heavy coats so you can move freely. For those who come from tropical countries, this must be the most convenient season for you. You can visit more outdoor tourists’ spots without suffering from the coldness of the weather. There are some skyscrapers and big tress all over Japan so it’s not so difficult to find a shade under the heat of the sun.


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This must be the most colorful season every year. Leaves turn from green to various colors like yellow, orange and red. In parks and gardens, the colors of the leaves above reflect to the water below. This is another season everyone look forward to. Some consider this as a sad season because leaves are starting to fall and trees will be bare soon. This is one of the best time to take a photo of the surroundings because some of the pictures taken during this season will create a visual effect as if you are in a painting. The beautiful scenery will surely take your breath away.


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This is the time of the year when you need to pack a bigger luggage because the temperature could drop below zero. It rarely snows in Tokyo but it could get so cold up to the freezing point. If you want to see snow and enjoy skiing or snowboarding, you can go to the northern part of Japan. During this season, you can see almost everyone wearing a mask but it doesn’t mean they are severely ill. It serves as their protection against the coldness of the weather and sometimes they catch a cold and they just don’t want to infect anyone. The most awaited part in this season in Japan is the winter illumination in different spacious areas from mid-November to early January.