The Tokyu Foodshow is located at the basement of one of Japan’s busiest railway station, the Shibuya station. …

The Tokyu Foodshow is located at the basement of one of Japan’s busiest railway station, the Shibuya station. Tokyo Foodshow provides more than enough food for every hungry creature in Tokyo. If you are looking for a particular food, you could probably find it here faster and easier. Various kinds of nutritious food are available both raw and cooked. There are freshly imported fruit and vegetables from around the world. It serves as a supermarket to both locals and tourists. If you are tired of cooking, international cuisines can be found here, too and they sell lunch boxes for you to take home. Some shops offer free tastes of their food to everyone who wants to try. Several food stalls offer colorful, mouth-watering nutritious sweet delicacies (both local and international).


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Japan waste so much food everyday that it is enough to feed all the hungry people in Africa. Foods in Japan expires so soon and almost every store tries to provide food for the entire population in a particular area. 


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Japanese people love food so much and they always prefer the food to be presented in the most amusing way. This is why food preparation is  a great deal for sellers. They always try to be creative as much as they can because the way they present food will create the impression of food taste to customers. 


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Some shops in Tokyu Foodshow offer discounts on holidays and when the food’s expiration date is almost over. They surely would provide you with the freshest and the tastiest food they have available. Shops in Japan are very cautious about food poisoning so they throw away food which are expired and make sure they don’t sell spoiled food because they care so much about their shops reputation. 


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The location is close to the world-famous Hachiko statue and Shibuya scrambled crossing. So, this is a great place to pass by before going home hungry and tired.


Shibuya station