If you are staying in central Tokyo for few days, you might become that your mind want to have silence. There …

If you are staying in central Tokyo for few days, you might become that your mind want to have silence. There is a great place for refreshing your body and brain!


Koishikawa Korakuen is potentially one of the best gardens in hart of Tokyo. Built in 1629 it has history, nature and beauty. There are cherry blossoms, rice fields, a shrine, history and classic features of Edo-period gardens, a big pond with an island in the center that looks pretty great. There are even some sizeable hills to give great views and on top of that each season has something to make it Special.


As is typical with many of the Edo period gardens, there is a main pond with a winding path around it. The name of the pond is, “Osensui”, and it has an island in the middle. The pond is quite large and dominates the front part of the garden. Korakuen has many bridges, most of them very small, but two of them are of major importance and hidden in the rear part of the park. One is named, “Tsutenkyo”, and the other is named, “Engetsu-kyo” (Full Moon Bridge). Both are startling and for very different reasons. Tsutenkyo crosses a small ravine and the autumn leaves of October and November highlight its vermillion color. Engestsu-kyo is a barrel bridge that casts a reflection in the water below. When you look at that reflection and the arch above, it looks like the moon. Apparently at night, the reflection is very beautiful.


Actually, the garden is not so huge but even there is a hill, named “Atagozaka” (or the, “Slopes of Mt. Atago”), built in imitation of the mountain of the same name, which is found near Kyoto. There is an interesting thing! Korakuen has its own rice fields! So you can see how it is all done if you are lucky enough to be there when they are being worked.


Korakuen is in a fairly convenient location if you are coming from Shinjuku. The easiest way is to get a local Sobu line train and get off at Iidabashi and then walk the rest of the way (only 10min). Also you can walk from Suidobashi station too. Of course you can use Korakuen station by subway! Interesting? Please check it out!


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