If you are living in central Tokyo, sometimes you feel to going to trip somewhere and take relax. But you have …

If you are living in central Tokyo, sometimes you feel to going to trip somewhere and take relax. But you have so many tasks in normal life and too hard to go somewhere far places. I want to introduce very good place and not that far from central Tokyo.

Kamakura is a small town in Kanagawa prefecture about an hour from Tokyo by train. Kamakura, although small and somewhat remote, has a long and illustrious history reflected in its architectural legacy, especially its numerous shrines and temples. If at all possible, visit Kamakura between Monday and Friday. Weekends are extremely crowded and the waiting time to enter any sightseeing spot, including temples, is likely to be extremely long. Kamakura was the place where, in the 12 century, the leader of the almost annihilated Minamoto clan, Yoritomo, established himself in 1180 in his struggle against his clan’s great rival, the Taira.


Upon his final victory in 1192, Kamakura became the center of the nation’s power. Kamakura was to remain the seat of warrior power for the whole of the thirteenth century and the first part of the 14th, lending its name to the era. The Hojo clan successors to the legendary Minamoto clan – exercised several generations of strict military rule over the country, including the imperial court in Kyoto which, as the ceremonial center of power, was reduced to puppet status. In 1333 the successors to the Hojo, were routed by forces representing the Court in Kyoto, and the Kamakura era was over. As a focus of power Kamakura was inevitably the scene of political and military struggles and much blood has been shed there.


Stroll through the town’s narrow inclined streets and alleys today, and you can only hear that shoot now are cameras, and the only sounds are of tourist feet. The history is definitely changing. This thriving, pleasantly laid out city is notable beside its crowds of tourists for its wood and garden atmosphere and its many vistas of Buddhist inspired architecture and statuary. If you are interested in history of Japan or typical Japanese feeling of town, Kamakura is the best place to go! Interesting? Please check it out!