If you are around Kamakura area, why don’t you drop the shrine where you can pray for your peaceful life and s …

If you are around Kamakura area, why don’t you drop the shrine where you can pray for your peaceful life and stable money?! The place is definitely interesting!


Zeniarai Benten, is a Shinto shrine in Kamakura, Kanagawa prefecture. Zeniarai Benzaiten is popular among tourists because the waters of a spring in its cave are said to be able to multiply the money washed in it. The object of worship is a syncretic kami which fuses a traditional spirit called Ugafukujin with the Buddhist goddess of Indian origin Sarasvati, known in Japanese as Benzaiten. The shrine is one of the minorities in Japan which still shows the fusion of native religious beliefs and foreign Buddhism (the so-called shinbutsu shūgō) which was normal before the Meiji restoration (end of the 19th century). Zeniarai Benzaiten used to be an external massha of Ōgigayatsu’s Yazaka Daijin, but became independent in 1970 under its present name.


In 1185, Minamoto no Yoritomo, who later became Shogun, prayed for salvation for people who were suffering from poverty caused by continuous disasters. Ugafuku God had appeared in his dream and told him, “In a valley to the northwest, there is a spring. If you get the water from the spring and worship Shinto and Buddhist deities, peace will come to your people.” Yoritomo found the valley, hollowed out a rock and enshrined Shinto and Buddhist deities as he was told to do. Then prosperity was brought to people and peace prevailed gradually. Since then, the holy water has been bubbling up without a break and become popular among people as “coin washing water.”


How to pray: 1) Get a set of 3 candles and incense sticks (100 yen/set) at the shrine office and borrow a basket for washing money. 2) Visit the main shrine, light the first candle with the big candle there and put it on the candleholder. Put incense sticks on the incense burner. Bow twice, clap your hands twice and bow once again to pray. 3) Finally go into the cave. Put the second candle on the candleholder, wash money in the basket by pouring the holy water on it with a dipper. 4) Climb up stairs and visit Kaminomizu-jingu Shrine and Shimonomizu-jingu Shrine to pray. 5) Visit Shichifuku-jinja Shrine to pray, which is said to have power to bring prosperity in business, and put the last candle there. You might get a lot of money few days, few month or few years later?! Interesting? Please check it out!