There are so many beautiful traditional cultures in Japan, shodo (書道) is definitely one of them. Have you ever …

There are so many beautiful traditional cultures in Japan, shodo (書道) is definitely one of them. Have you ever seen some of beautiful scroll with artistic letters?

Shodo is the Japanese calligraphy which is an art form created with a brush and black China ink. The Japanese traditional art, shodo seeks to express the beauty of words through their written forms. For those who are not Asian, it might be too difficult to understanding artistic impression, and to try for yourself, since your hand won’t be used to the writing technique.


There is a place where you can try out the shodo, in Yushima! The name is Udoyoshi Japanese calligraphy class workshops where everyone can experience calligraphy.


There are two styles of calligraphy in Japan: the toyo style, which originated in China and mainly uses Chinese characters, and wayo(和様) style, in which the Japanese hiragana phonetic script are used. At Udoyoshi, you can experience the wayo style. The wayo style characterizes a style of handwriting which is easy for everybody to read. It’s a style that does not involve cursive or semi-cursive writing, so making it easier for non Asian to write!


There is a Japanese style room where all the necessary tools for doing calligraphy are set up, so you don’t need to bring anything for writing letters!

Firstly, you can choose what you want to write, Hiragana or Kanji…

Secondly, you must also choose the medium on which you want to write at the end of the workshop. There are postcards, colored paper, or even on a Japanese holding fan.

After you have chosen your word or phrase, the teacher will write a sample for you. You can practice on other papers and teacher will correct your letter beautifully with red color of ink (You can use this practicing papers as much as you want until you get to write letters perfectly!). In the end, you can bring back a real paper which you have chosen with your artistic letters!


The Udoyoshi calligraphy workshops allow you to try out in a relaxed atmosphere. As Mr. Udoyoshi will teach you how to write better, you will be sure to feel at ease trying Japanese calligraphy even if it is your completely first time. Interesting? Please check it out!





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