There are so many great traditional dishes in Japan as you have known! One of them is definitely Soba noodle. …


Soba is served in a hot soup, or is cool and served on a strainer along with dipping sauce. Simple cold soba menus include zarusoba (with nori seaweed topping) and morisoba (without nori topping). Soba is a very common menu Japanese people regularly eat and is available at various types of eateries, from specialty restaurants to tachigui (stand-and-eat) shop. Just like many other Japanese dishes, there are some local differences for soba noodles. In the Kanto region, a soup for soba is dark-colored and strongly flavored, as it is prepared by boiling katsuobushi (bonito flake) dashi stock with koikuchi (dark-colored) shoyu, mirin, and sugar. On the other hand, soba in the Kansai region is served in a soup whose flavor centers that of bonito/kelp dashi stock. It is seasoned and lightly colored by usukuchi (light-colored) shoyu.


If you are interested in Soba a lot, you can make by yourself! Edo Tokyo soba no kai in Katsushika, there is a workshop which you can have soba making experience.


Guests make soba noodles from homegrown buckwheat with kind instructions from the instructors. After freshly grinding the grains and preparing the noodles, enjoy the smooth texture and aroma of soba on the spot. Leftovers can even be taken home as a souvenir. Interesting? Please check it out!


Keisei Tateishi




11am~ and 3pm~~


Monday, Tuesday