Do you know Japanese Onigiri? If you are into Japanese culture, you might have seen on some movies or dramas. …


Today, I wanna introduce how to make “Oishii” Onigiri! It might be suitable for your lunch box or breakfast.


1.Place some saran wrap onto a bench or plate.


2.Place half a cup of cooked rice over the centre of the cling wrap.

3.Put the umeboshi on the centre of the rice then top with another half cup of rice.


4.Wrap the saran wrap over the rice and squeeze and mould the rice into a triangle shape with your hands.

5.Remove the cling wrap and cover the bottom of the rice triangle with a nori sheet and set aside.

6.Combine the bonito flakes, soy sauce, and mirin in a small bowl.

7.Repeat the same steps as above to make an onigiri with the bonito flake filling.


You got it? Interesting? Please try to make it!