Indigo tenugui
If you’re looking for a souvenir of Japan, we highly recommend “tenugui,” which is a piece of colorful rectang …

Colorful tenugui


“Tenugui” absorbs water well and dries fast since it’s made from cotton. You can use it as a hand towel, of course, but we would also like to suggest wrapping various things with “tenugui.” For instance, “tenugui” works great as a gift-wrapping tool. Paper sometimes doesn’t work well particularly to wrap something curvy. On the other hand, “tenugui” can basically fit and wrap any kinds of shapes!

Wrapping bottles with tenugui


As you might have noticed, various colors and designs are available for “tenugui.” We’re sure you’ll find your favorite piece once you step into a “tenugui” shop. While traditional designs such as Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms are chic and beautiful, modern designs are bold and unique. How about wearing your “tenugui” as a scarf around your neck? Or you can even make your own clothes and other fashion items by sewing several pieces of “tenugui” together!

Tenugui designs

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You don’t have to limit the use of “tenugui” just to drying or wiping. It’s got a lot of possibilities, so be creative. Get some “tenugui” for your friends, family, or yourself and have fun!