Are you looking for the park where you can really staying whole day with your family or boyfriend/girlfriend i …

Are you looking for the park where you can really staying whole day with your family or boyfriend/girlfriend in Tokyo? Yes, there is a great place to go!

Koganei Park has something for pretty much everyone, making it a great day out for the family overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Located an easy 25-minute train ride from Shinjuku, it’s the perfect tonic to counter city living.


Koganei Park is, according to the Tokyo metropolitan park association, the second-largest park in the Tokyo metropolitan area. This park situated along the Tama River water supply is an enormous 79 hectares 4.9 times the area of Hibiya Park and 1.5 times that of Ueno Park.

It is best known for its cherry trees about 2000 of them, which turn the area in front of the on-site Edo Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum into very beautiful world, white blossoms in late March to early April.

It features a number of attractions including its spacious grass area, surrounding forests, cherry trees, children’s playgrounds, an archery, a steam locomotive display and 16 tennis courts. The park used to be Koganei great greenery park which was designed and created as a commemorative project for the 2600th year of National Foundation celebrated in 1940. In postwar years, it was used as a temporary palace for the Crown Prince. About 40 percent of the land was lost when it was opened up for agricultural development, but the remaining land was officially opened as a metropolitan park in 1954. Afterwards, it has continued being expanded up until the present era.


The central part of this vast park in western Tokyo is best explored by bicycle. There are about 120 bikes available for pre-schoolers and their parents to hire within the park (¥100-¥200 per hour), and when your child tires of pedalling, you can reward their hard work with a spot of sledging.


If the modern world has you down, take a little step back in time at the Edo Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum. For a small fee, you can wander in and around buildings from various periods and places that have been re-constructed on the museum grounds. Volunteers, and even knowledgeable patrons, haunt the grounds, ready to give additional information not included in the museum’s pamphlets (pamphlets in English and Japanese, some guides speak English). You will never get bored here even staying whole day here! Interesting? Please check it out!