What your kids wanna be or what wanna do when she or he grow up? Actually your kids try out most of jobs at Ki …

What your kids wanna be or what wanna do when she or he grow up? Actually your kids try out most of jobs at KidZania for quite real! You don’t believe that? You can really watch what they can try!


KidZania is “A land of kids, by kids, for kids” – where children can experience their favorite job and learn about the social system while having fun. Authentic looking “pavilions” including a bank, hospital, newspaper company, radio station, and pizza shop are all about 2/3 the size of a real building, and there are about 70 professional activities to try including banker, doctor, fashion model, newspaper journalist, and firefighter. The target age is 2 to 12 years old. Although adults are not allowed to enter the pavilions, there are monitors and observation windows so that parents can watch their children working actively. Children are paid for their work in “Kidzo” money, which can be used in KidZania to shop at a department store, save at a bank or withdraw from an ATM within KidZania. The aim of KidZania is to encore children to learn about the enjoyment and empowerment that can come with working hard, accepting responsibility and doing job done well. That looks of dedication and concentration on the children taking part is testament to its success.


Children can sign up for work at any of the 80 plus places of business and after they have done so, they are given a time report to work. After being trained by adult stuff, they are then given a uniform and it is time to try the job out for themselves.


Each job offers activities with different ranges of difficulty to meet and test the abilities and interests of the various age ranges. Not all jobs are available for all children and the recommended starting ages are clearly shown at each place of work, while their fellow children are working, or deposit it in the bank where they can receive an ATM card for withdrawal around the town. The money they work, the money they earn, and more can do in KidZania! It will be quite special experience for your kids anyway! Interesting? Please check it out!








9AM and 16PM~3PM and 9PM