The Hie Shrine is a Shinto shrine in Nagatachō, Chiyoda. Its June 15 Sannō Matsuri is one of the three great J …

The Hie Shrine is a Shinto shrine in Nagatachō, Chiyoda. Its June 15 Sannō Matsuri is one of the three great Japanese festivals of Edo (the forerunner of Tokyo). Other names for the shrine include Hiyoshi Sannō-sha, Hiyoshi Sannō Daigongen-sha, Edo Sannō Daigongen, Kōjimachi Sannō, Sannō-sha, and Sannō-sama.


The Hie-jinja Shrine was established in 1478 by the regional lord, Ota Dokan, to enshrine the apportioned spirit of the Kawagoe Sannou-sha Shrine as the guardian deity of the land of Edo (today’s Tokyo), while he ruled it and built Edo Castle. In 1659, it was moved to the current location in the Akasaka district, south of the Imperial Palace. The Hie Shrine preserves many important treasures, such as the “Itomaki-no-Tachi” (long sword with lacing on the scabbard) by Ichimonji Norimune (national treasure) and a sword by Bishu Osafune Nagamitsu that was owned by Emperor Meiji.’Hie Shrine was designated as a First Class Government Shrine before the Second World War, and was a highly respected place of worship for the people of Tokyo.


The shrine buildings were constructed in the Gongen-Zukuri style with vermilion-lacquered finishing. The Gongen Zukuri style consists of a complex roof system in which the Haiden hall of worship and Honden inner sanctuary are connected. The Heiden offering hall, Haiden hall of worship, Honden inner sanctuary and Roumon gate were so magnificent that they were authorized as National Treasures.


Regrettably, the shrine buildings were burnt down in the bombing of Tokyo during the Second World War, in 1945. The present shrine buildings were constructed in 1958 with contributions from numerous parishioners and worshippers.

Today, Hie Shrine sits on prime central Tokyo land sandwiched between Akasaka (an upscale business district) and Nagatacho (where most of Japan’s national government buildings reside). If you have other things in Tokyo, it’s quite easy to drop anytime. You will be really surprised with a lot of nature in this shrine even such as in urban place! Interesting? Please check it out!