Do you want to see some of modern buildings in Tokyo? Today, I want to introduce one of the largest conference …

Do you want to see some of modern buildings in Tokyo? Today, I want to introduce one of the largest conference centers in the Toranomon / Shimbashi area of Tokyo, adjacent to Kasumigaseki, Otemachi and Roppongi. Featuring superior accessibility to Haneda Airport, this hub connects Tokyo with the world and aims to become a base for international exchange and information dissemination The center offers the ideal setting for a variety of MICE (Meeting, Incentive Tour, Conference / Convention, Exhibition) including general assemblies, seminars, symposiums and business events.


24 shops and restaurants have opened on the 1st to 4th floors. A variety of delicious cuisine from around the world has been selected to satisfy overseas visitors. These include a restaurant where you can enjoy healthy Japanese food like sushi with locally-produced wine and sake from all over Japan, a restaurant that serves high-grade Kobe beef steak, an Italian restaurant that uses only selected ingredients including vegetables grown on a private farm and homemade pasta, a Spanish bar so popular that it’s difficult to make a reservation, a cafe & restaurant from Hong Kong that serves a delicious balanced meal with beautiful presentation…You can choose a restaurant to suit any mood you are in.


One of the unique features of Toranomon Hills is the outdoor space measuring 6,000 square meters. It features shops and restaurants with open-air terraces facing a lawn area called the “Oval Plaza”. For a relaxing experience, try “Toranomon Hills Cafe” on the 1st floor where you can rent a picnic mat and enjoy lunch on the lawn with take-out sandwiches and coffee. Here you can experience nature in the heart of a big city.


Toranomon means “the gate of the tiger” and its name originates from one of the outer gates of Edo Castle called “Toranogomon”. The area also has many places showing the history of that time, including the shrines Toranomon Kotohiraguu and Atago Jinja. Come experience the future of Tokyo at Toranomon Hills, the newest tourist hotspot to be added to the likes of Roppongi, Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Imperial Palace. Interesting? Please check it out!