Have you ever seen real Japanese garden? You think you have to go visit in Kyoto? No, no! You can find out rea …

Have you ever seen real Japanese garden? You think you have to go visit in Kyoto? No, no! You can find out really beautiful Japanese garden here in Tokyo!


The Hotel New Otani Tokyo is one of the leading hotels in Japan. It offers first-class hospitality and superb facilities, including a shopping mall and an art museum. The hotel also features a splendid ten-acre (10 thousand tsubo) Japanese garden. Over 400 years ago, the grounds were part of Kiyomasa Kato’s provincial estate, then owned by the Ii family, which eventually came to be known as Prince Fushimi’s Palace. After World War II, the place was owned by Yonetaro Otani, the founder of the hotel, and he created the present garden.


The Japanese garden at the Hotel New Otani Tokyo is considered to be one of greatest gardens in that city. It is known for its stunning waterfall. The hotel and its garden are located between Akasaka and Yotsuya, in the centre of Tokyo, making it the only place that urbanites can see a dynamic waterfall. When you stand beside the 6 metre waterfall, you can see and feel the water as it splashes and you can hear how loudly it roars, making you temporarily forget that you are in the centre of a very large city.


The garden is a year-round, must-see sight. In early summer, it offers the dazzling vividness of tender green foliage; in autumn, the changing leaves add a splash of beautiful colours; in winter, the landscape is covered by a thin layer of white snow. In the spring, the garden also offers many varieties of cherry blossoms, which people can enjoy from the middle of March to late April. It has been said that some of the cherry trees have even blossomed in autumn and early winter. One need not be a guest of the hotel to visit the garden. Anyone can stroll through it and enjoy the natural beauty of the changing seasons. If you prefer, you can leisurely enjoy the view from the hotel’s Garden Lounge, which faces the Japanese garden, or you can enjoy a meal or a beverage in a restaurant in the garden. So you don’t need to visit Kyoto! You can really enjoy real Japanese garden in Tokyo! Interesting? Please check it out!