You might think about now some souvenirs for your friends. If you don’t know what you should buy for the …

You might think about now some souvenirs for your friends. If you don’t know what you should buy for them, and what is not too expensive, what do you think these ideas? I ty to suggest you three stuffs!

With images from ukiyoe, cherry blossoms and other typically Japanese things, chopsticks make a great souvenir of Japan. Known as hashi in Japanese, you can find a wide variety of chopsticks, including sets chopsticks and chopstick rests, as well as chopsticks that are dishwasher friendly. As well as being practical items, chopsticks with a pretty pattern can be used as kanzashi (hair ornaments), which makes them a popular item for fashion conscious women.


There are a wide variety of chopsticks available, from simple, inexpensive chopsticks at 100 yen shops to expensive chopsticks made with high quality materials that are almost like works of art costing over 10,000 yen. You can buy chopsticks at all sorts of stores, including 100 yen shops, souvenir stores and department stores.

From ball pens to mechanical pencils, Japanese stationery is well known for its high quality and ease of use, and is popular as a souvenir. We recommend some of the more unique items, such as ball pens which can be erased (about 200 yen) or staple-less staplers (400 yen to 2,000 yen). And if they offer a name printing service, why not get the name of the person you were planning on giving the gift to put on the stationery as well? It will make it a much more personal present.

You can find all sorts of stationery at stationery stores such as Itoya, as well as Tokyu Hands and department stores.


The Yukataa is a type of kimono that usually made with thin cotton and worn when sleeping or during the summer. Meanwhile, kimono are usually made of a variety of materials including cotton, wool and silk, and are usually worn at formal events, such as at new year’s or at wedding ceremonies. Yukata are easy to put on, which makes them a great gift to experience Japanese culture.

Both buying and putting on a kimono can be quite a challenge, but yukata are generally not that expensive and can be put on quite easily, which makes them ideal as a souvenir. For men, there is a garment known as a jinbei that is equally easy to put on as a yukata. As wearing wooden sandals known as geta can harm your toes, it is probably best to choose a set that comes with both an obi belt and zori sandals. You can find yukata at a wide variety of prices, with sets ranging from a few thousand yen to several tens of thousands of Yen. I recommend looking for a more traditional type of yukata, rather than the more recent patterns aimed at young Japanese people. Interesting? Please check it out!