It sounds pretty cool to you, I believe.Any interests in fishing? And even eating what you caught?There have a …

It sounds pretty cool to you, I believe.
Any interests in fishing? And even eating what you caught?
There have a bar (Izakaya : Japanese restaurant/bar) named “ZAUO” where you can enjoy both fishing and dining.
If it is your first time fishing, this opportunity could make your first fishing much easier and comfortable.

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If you caught any fish, you can get some discounts for those fish!
You need to purchase “bait” for your fishing though, it costs you only 100-200yen.
After catching fish, you can even ask them how you would like fish to be cooked.
You can even ask them like; half for Tempura and the other half for Sashimi.

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Traveling with kids?
If you are with kids, you will enjoy more special experience.
There have a special class for Kids. Kids can try making Sushi instructed by professional staff.
After kids’ making their own Sushi, you can enjoy those Sushi.
This place will sure make your visit much more special!

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Isn’t it cool?
It sounds great, doesn’t it?
I hope you do not miss adding this place to your “must-go” list.
Having 4 branches in Tokyo, and there have no chance for you to miss this place!

Check it out!


Shibuya Station