Tokyo Metropolitan Theater was opened in October, 1990 by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as a base to promo …

Tokyo Metropolitan Theater was opened in October, 1990 by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as a base to promote art and culture and its globalization among the citizens by presenting quality programs mainly in the fields of music, theatre, opera, and dance. The Metropolitan Art Space Concert Hall which is designed exclusively for classical music presentations and boasts one of the world’s largest pipe organs which are tuned by 3 types of tuning method! The organ has a long history and there are differences between countries and era. The musical instrument design has been based on the idea of summarizing in one for some different style of organs. There are two organs in one side which are the type of renaissance and baroque, whilst third is a modern organ, which appears when the two organs rotates 180 degrees!


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The job description for building the organ for the Metropolitan Art Space Concert Hall was to build an organ on which organ music could be played authentically no matter which period it came from. As this is simply impossible in one single organ, just think of the different ways of tuning, Marc Garnier from France in 1987-1991 built three organs in one with a total of more than 9,000 pipes with a three-part case. Now, depending on which organ the player needs it can be turned the right one to the front! Of Course it needs to disconnect and reconnect all pipes, the air system and the action, a job that obviously is extremely complicated. Maybe that is the reason why this technical masterpiece is still singular in the whole world.


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A lot of organ concerts are still held in Europe and the United States, but there are most unique instruments in Tokyo! There are some one coin (500yen) organ concerts at the lunch time( 2015. 7/19, 11/17 and 2017. 3/16 from 12:15pm) and night time(2016. 4/21, 8/3, 12/20 and 2017. 2/9 from 19:30pm), please check them out! Currently, the theater is operated under the management of the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture. A variety of unique music programs have continuously been planned by and presented directly at the theatre, including concerts and lectures that feature the beautiful pipe organs, one of the highlights of the facilities. Please come!