The Kyu-Furukawa Teien was the private residence of a Meiji era noble named Mutsu Munemitsu, a prominent state …

The Kyu-Furukawa Teien was the private residence of a Meiji era noble named Mutsu Munemitsu, a prominent statesman and diplomat of the Meiji government. The residential building was designed by the British architect Josiah Conder. When Munemitsu’s second son was adopted by the Furukawa family, the property was turned over to them. It is a precious garden made in the early stage of Taisho period. The gardens were created in 1914 and were composed of two parts: Western-style residence, their rose garden as well as their traditional Japanese stone garden. This garden was made by A gardener of Kyoto Jihee Ogawa who also made Heian-jingu Shrine garden, Murin-an and Maruyama-koen Park. The Gardens are located in Kita-ku in northern Tokyo. The northern part of the garden lies on the slopes of the Musashino Hills, while the Japanese garden and its pond, which were designed in the shape of the Chinese character for “heart”, are situated in the lower southern part.


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Western-style residence

The walls of this English-style brick house are covered in and site, a reddish stone that lends the manor an air of elegance and changes its colour when it becomes wet in rain. It currently houses the Otani Art Museum Foundation.


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Rose garden

The Western-style rose garden is designed as a terraced garden. Its Banksia roses are in full bloom in spring and in autumn.


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Japanese garden

The center of the Japanese garden is a pond (shinji-ike) shaped like the Chinese character for heart (心). Around the pond are stone lanterns, numerous stone pagodas, a large waterfall ten metres in height (otaki) that is arranged to create the illusion of a cliff and a river gorge in the deep mountains, as well as a so-called dry waterfall (karetaki) incorporating stones to create the image of flowing water.

These Western and Japanese combinations are really amazing. You will be able to feel that another air is flowing which is very calm time. If you are looking for a laid-back sightseeing time, please check it out!4cb50bb7gaf69e6c9f79f&690&690

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