LaQua is the perfect place for melting your stress away. Tokyo Dome City LaQua has it all, like an amusement p …

LaQua is the perfect place for melting your stress away. Tokyo Dome City LaQua has it all, like an amusement park, a shopping mall, restaurants, and a fitness area. And a natural hot spring facility is one of them. This spa facility has a resort-like atmosphere that makes you forget you are still in Tokyo.



LaQua is a large scale spa facility located in the middle of Tokyo. Here boasts about its high water quality, drawn from a natural spring 1700 meters below ground. The natural hot water is used in all the different baths. The spa also provides open areas for couples and families to relax together, unlike traditional spas where men and women are separate. The spas and the four saunas set at various temperatures allow visitors to experience a calm and pleasant moment. The admission fee includes a gown and towels. Shampoo, conditioner and shower soap are provided and children 12 and under are not admitted.



There is a wide selection of saunas available at Spa LaQua. In the women’s area, there is the “Deep Sea”, a salt sauna, the “Termale”, a mist sauna, or even “Olive”, a middle/high temperature sauna. It will definitely be difficult to choose which one to experience first. At “Olive”, there is a roryu service, in which the staff pours water with a blend of aromatic oil onto the stove, producing steam and a relaxing fragrance, which also helps to increase perspiration. Also in the men’s area, there is the “Stadium Sauna”, a middle/high temperature sauna with a TV, or “Old Log”, a high temperature sauna that has an atmosphere of a little mountain log house. You can also experience roryu at the middle/high temperature sauna called the “Wildenstein” Within the Healing Baden, there are a variety of relaxation facilities that you can enjoy with your clothes on. There is the “Odobo”, a low temperature sauna using yellow sand, that is said to have anti-aging effects, or the “Saikibo”, a color sauna in which the walls change color, drawing from the idea of color therapy. There is the “Togenkyu” as well, a space using germanium, which is said to have detoxing effects. Although there is a women-only space as well, this area can generally be used by everyone, making it a great destination for people seeking to enjoy the sauna experience together with their family, friends, or partners.



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After you enjoyed spa, you might go to the shopping or cafe or dinner or fitness for next! There are so many interesting shops or restaurants in the lower floor. Please check it out!


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varies according to the shop/restaurant