Kagurazaka is a district of Shinjuku in the middle of Tokyo. It’s so packed with typical Japanese buildings, p …

Kagurazaka is a district of Shinjuku in the middle of Tokyo. It’s so packed with typical Japanese buildings, products, and food, that you can fully enjoy traditional Japan just by walking around for a few hours.


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Kagurazaka is situated near the Tokyo Dome, an elegant neighborhood near Iidabashi station, well suited for strolling and sightseeing. Kagurazaka focus is the sloping section of Waseda-dori Avenue between Sotobori-dori Avenue (that runs along the outer moat of the Imperial Palace) and which rises to the intersection with Okubo-dori Avenue. From the era when it was a famous red-light district (which was called Hanamachi) during the Taisho period (1912-1926) still remain the old Ryo-tei and the geisha houses. The area’s golden age ended with World War II. The remnants of those days remain in the restaurants and kimono and confectionery shops that still have a presence here. It is a quiet and idle place in the afternoon, marked by its thin stone-paved roads. Just a few hours walk in this neighborhood full of old buildings, Japanese restaurants, tea shops, and Japanese sweets shops, will give you a taste of traditional Japan. Due to the nearby French institute (L’Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo), there are also a lot of French people living in Kagurazaka, giving the district another one of its best-known features: the French eateries.


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Kagurazaka is scattered with dozens of stately Buddhist temples. One of the most prominent on the slope itself is Zenkokuji Temple, founded by the Nichiren School of Buddhism in 1595 in Bakurocho, about 4 kilometers east, and moved here in 1793. There is also a Shinto presence, with Akagi Shrine at the top end of Kagurazaka.

Kagurazaka was rebuilt after World War II on the same lines as before, complete with little alleys, thus retaining its historical air and still attracting the artists and writers that it did in its Hanamachi days. Although 21st century developments are changing Kagurazaka, it still retains a special atmosphere. Take a stroll around Kagurazaka for a taste of old Tokyo. You will never get bored during walk on this street! Please check it out!



Kagurazaka, Iidabashi, Ushigome-Kagurazaka


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